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D.SignT offers a complete chain of DSP development tools: low-cost starter kits, in-circuit emulators, code development IDEs, and sophisticated evaluation platforms. As an authorized reseller of Spectrum Digital Inc. and because of our close contacts to the leading DSP manufacturers, we share a broad knowledge base and are able to provide free support for all products.

Please contact us for price and availability information.

Code Generation Tools

Texas Instruments and Analog Devices provide complete Code Generation Tool Suites for their DSP products, including C-Compiler, Assembler, Linker, Software Simulator, In-circuit Emulator Debugging, Project Management, and several additional tools. Since we use these tools for our developments too, we are able to share our knowledge and provide extensive support.

For a detailed description, please click the links to the manufacturer product pages. You may also download limited testdrives there.

Tool Description
Code Composer Studio (C2000,C5000,C6000,OMAP,ARM,DaVinci) from TI website (ext. Link)
Code Composer (C2x,C20x,C3x,C4x) from TI website (ext. Link)
Analog Devices VDSP++® for SHARC™ from ADI website (ext. Link)
Analog Devices VDSP++® for TigerSHARC™ from ADI website (ext. Link)

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In-Circuit Emulators

The Spectrum Digital JTAG emulators (ext. Link) provide the interface between the development software (Code Composer Studio or SDFlash), running on the host computer, and the DSP target. The JTAG emulators provide a choice of interfaces to the host processor (USB, Ethernet) and offer various emulation capabilities.

Please check the Emulator - Code Composer - Operating System Compatibility (ext. Link)
These are the most popular emulators:

Order Code Description
701902(ext. Link) XDS510LC low cost USB JTAG Emulator for Texas Instruments C2000 processors
701907(ext. Link) XDS510 USB PLUS JTAG Emulator with 20 pin CTI Cable and 20 pin to 14 pin Adapter
701910(ext. Link) XDS510 USB Galvanic JTAG Emulator
702597(ext. Link) XDS560v2 LC Traveler JTAG Emulator
702598(ext. Link) XDS560v2 STM Traveler JTAG Emulator
702592(ext. Link) XDS560v2 System Trace JTAG Emulator with Target Adapters and USB/Ethernet
702320(ext. Link) XDS200 USB JTAG Emulator
702330(ext. Link) XDS220 USB/Ethernet JTAG Emulator
702332(ext. Link) XDS220 ISO USB/Ethernet JTAG Emulator


The following Analog Devices (ext. Link) emulators are available:

Model Product Target
ADDS-USB-ICE USB-based Emulator all ADI DSPs
ADDS-HPUSB-ICE high performance USB-based Emulator all ADI DSPs
ADDS-HPPCI-ICE high performance PCI-based Emulator all ADI DSPs

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Starter Kits

The Spectrum Digital eZdsp™ and DSK (ext. Link) are stand alone modules that allow users examine and evaluate certain characteristics of Texas Instruments digital signal processors (DSP) to determine if this DSP meets their application requirements. This eZdsp™ and DSK modules have on-board JTAG emulation scan controllers. The board is interfaced with the host computer via USB or parallel port. Therefore, the module may be operated without additional development tools such as a JTAG emulator. Furthermore, the module is an excellent platform to develop, demonstrate, and run software on TI's DSPs. The eZdsp™ and DSK modules allows full speed verification of DSP code. Expansion connectors are provided for any necessary evaluation circuitry or peripherals not provided on the shipped configuration.

The following table lists the most popular Starter Kits

Order Code Description
761128(ext. Link) eZdsp™ F2812 Starter Kit for Texas Instruments TMS320F2812
761135(ext. Link) eZdsp™ F28335 Starter Kit for Texas Instruments TMS320F28335
702362(ext. Link) TMS320C5502 eZdsp USB Stick
701880(ext. Link) TMS320VC5509A DSP Starter Kit (DSK)
701882(ext. Link) DSP Starter Kit (DSK) for the TMS320VC5510
701891(ext. Link) TMS320C6416 (1 Ghz) DSP Starter Kit (DSK)
702075(ext. Link) DM6437 Digital Video Development Platform (DVDP)
702210(ext. Link) OMAP-L137/TMS320C6747 Floating Point Starter Kit

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Evaluation Modules

Spectrum Digital EVMs (ext. Link) are circuit boards containing a DSP, peripherals, expansion connectors, and a JTAG emulation interface. They allow the user to benchmark software, prototype applications, and debug algorithms. EVMs allow the user to move forward with their designs and do a proof of concept before designing their own custom hardware.

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