Digital Signal Processing

Digital Signal Processors (DSPs) are used to process continuous data streams at high speed and under stringent real-time conditions. Typical measured parameters are sound, light, mechanical vibrations and electromagnetic fields. These are converted and digitized for processing, either by a DSP or a field programmable gate array (FPGA). Data processing is usually done by filtering, spectral analysis, correlation, compression, but may also be done using control and servo loops.

D.Modules are as a result of their architecture and interfaces perfecly suited for these tasks. The product concept supports any combination of data capturing, FPGA-preprocessing and DSP-analysis by combining modules, as well as the easy integration of DSP and/or FPGA-modules with existing data capture modules.

The UniDAQ product family offers a higher level of integration and combines data acquisition, processing and communication interfaces on a single board.

Following are some application examples of D.SignT products: