Measurement Technology

Particle Detector

An ultra-fast A/D converter on a FMC mezzanine card digitizes the output of an ionization- or semiconductor-based detector. The high-speed data stream is preprocessed in an FPGA and passed to a DSP for final analysis. Via a network interface the signal processing parametrization takes place as well as the DSP data output.

Railroad/Railway Track Optical Inspection

Optical mirrors and photodetectors are used to gather information about the track surfaces using DSP triangulation calculations. This system is mounted directly on the wheelset of the track recording vehicle. It is capable of measuring the amount of wear and detect anomalies like rail corrugations at high speeds.

Vibration Analysis

A DSP board and a D/A converter generate the shaker excitation, e.g. sinusoidal or noise. IEPE sensors are used to measure the generated vibrations, which are digitized by high-resolution A/D converters. The DSP uses this data for servo-control of the shaker excitation and passes the measured vibration data to a PC via an Ethernet network connection.