Embedded DSP Systems Development Tools

As authorized Spectrum Digital distributor in Germany we sell and support the entire product portfolio of Spectrum Digital. We have expanded this product range by Ethernet add-on boards for the eZdsp and DSK Starter-Kits, a porting of our TCP/IP stack for these boards and adapter solutions to use D.Module data acquisition daughter boards with DSKs.
For the D.Module family we offer carrier boards for rapid prototyping and cost-efficient development bundles, containing a DSP module, in-circuit emulator and software.
Integrated development environments for DSPs are available in various licensing options.

In-Circuit Emulators

A broad range of in-circuit emulators is available for debugging and troubleshooting of DSP systems. These emulators are attached to the target hardware via a JTAG interface. Emulators are distinguished by their host interface (USB or Ethernet), functionality (trace buffer support, real-time debugging options, galvanic isolation) and by software support (availability of drivers to integrate an emulator into an automated production system). Please contact us for qualified assistance in selecting an emulator.


Spectrum Digital DSP Development Boards

Spectrum Digital provides a broad range of low-cost evaluation boards. The eZdsp boards are an ideal solution to start programming the C2000 and C5000 processor family of Texas Instruments. Especially for these platforms, D.SignT offers Ethernet daughter cards and a TCP/IP network stack specifically tailored to these processors.


Code Development and Debugging

Program code development and debugging is done on Windows and Linux PCs in integrated development environments, mostly based on Eclipse. These tools are directly provided by the DSP manufacturers. Depending on the size of the development team, various licensing options are available.


Prototyping Boards fot the D.Module Family

Carrier boards are available to support rapid prototyping with D.Module DSP systems. These boards provide the main communication interfaces on standard connectors, and an expansion connector for the parallel and serial data acquisition ports. High-speed systems can be built with the D.Base-FMC, which provides an FMC mezzanine standard slot for fast data converter cards.


D.Module Development Kits

Low-cost development bundles are available for all D.Module DSP boards. These developer kit packages contain a DSP and/or FPGA board, carrier board, power supply, in-circuit emulator, sample programs and code development tools.