DSP Boards for demanding real-time applications

D.SignT D.Modules are compact single-board-computers (SBC), equipped with high performance DSP processors from Texas Instruments and Analog Devices. This modular design approach is optimized for the special requirements of industrial appliances. Seamless integration into the target system, ease of programming, and long-term availability form the basis of our product philosophy.

Typical fields of application are advanced measurement technology, non-destructive material inspection based on ultrasonics and eddy current, radar, servo control systems, software defined radio and image processing.

One System-on-Module for Development and Series Production

A D.Module is equipped with communication interfaces like Ethernet and USB, parallel and serial data acquisition ports and additional interfaces such as UART, SPI, I2C and GPIO. Also integrated are power supply, clock generation, and memory, establishing a stand-alone capable system-on-module - the backbone of your application.

During the development phase a complete processing chain is assembled by stacking a DSP module with data acquisition and FPGA daughter boards and a carrier base board. Cost-efficient starter kit bundles are available.

In series production, D.Module OEM components guarantee long-term availability and an migration upgrade path, thereby significantly reducing design risks. The D.Module.BIOS firmware encapsules hardware dependencies and supports maintenance, software updates and configuration adjustments with a set of predefined functions.

Performance and Interfaces tweaked for your Embedded Project


This high-performance dual-core DSP board is based on the Texas Instruments TMS320C6657 Keystone processor. It is ideally suited for computation- and communication-intense applications in image processing, ultrasonic, radar and SDR.

  • dual-core floating point DSP

  • Gbit Ethernet, PCIe

  • high throughput parallel and serial peripheral interfaces

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Based on the Texas Instruments TMS320C6747 processor, this module provides a wide variety of interfaces for sensors and actors in stand-alone systems. Typical application areas are material inspection, control loops, advanced sensor technology and biometrical systems.

  • floating point DSP

  • Ethernet, USB

  • versatile peripheral interfaces

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This board, based on the TMS320DM642 DaVinci processor, is specialized for image processing. Main application areas are optical inspection, traffic control and robotics.

  • fixed point DSP

  • Ethernet, USB

  • Video Interface

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Legacy Products

The following D.Module boards are still available ex-stock. However, these products are not recommended for new designs.


A universally usable DSP board, based on the TMS320C6713. New designs: pleasse consider the D.Module2.C6747

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A TMS320C6203 system, optimized for image processing. New designs: please consider the D.Module2.DM642 or D.Module2.C6657

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A low-power DSP-Board based o nthe TMS320VC33. New designs: please consider the D.Module2.C6747

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The high performance and numeric precision of the Analog Devices TigerSHARC ADSP-TS203 make this board ideally suited for high-resolution measurement technology, radar and software-defined radio (SDR). New designs: please consider the D.Module2.C6657

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Analog Devices ADSP-21065L based, versatile DSP system. New designs: please consider the  D.Module2.C6747

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