The D.Module.91C111 is an Ethernet daughter card, based on the SMSC 91C111 LAN controller. It expands the legacy D.Module processor boards with an 100Base-Tx Ethernet port, a real-time-clock, and an SD/MMC card interface. The optimized D.SignT TCP/IP network protocol stack is available for all D.Module DSP boards.

This is a legacy product, which is still in full production, however, not recommended for new designs.

Ethernet SMSC LAN91C111 100Base-Tx and 10Base-T, full- and half-duplex, autonegotiation
SD/MMC 1 card slot SPI mode
RTC Ricoh RV5C348 programmable alarm, periodic interrupt, battery-backup option
DSP Interface parallel 16/32-bit
Power Supply   3.3V, 150mA
Temperature Range   0 – 70°C
Mechanics   85 x 59 mm, overall height: 15mm
ROHS   compliant
Ordering Information
D.Module.91C111 standard module