The D.Module2.ADDA500K16 is based on the Texas Instruments data converters ADS8556 and DAC8822. The analog front end digitizes up to 6 single-ended or 3 differential voltage inputs with 16-bit resolution and sampling rates up to 500ksps. The two DAC outputs also deliver 16-bit resolution. Input range and sampling frequency are user-programmable.

Key Features

  • Simultaneous Sampling up to 500kS/s
  • 6 single-ended / 3 differential inputs
  • 2 outputs
  • 16-bit resolution
  • low latency
  • input range 2.5V (option: 10V)
  • multiplexers for gain and offset calibration


The D.Module2.ADDA500K16 allows to simultaneously digitize voltage and current in 3-phase systems, e.g. AC induction and brushless DC motor control, and power line monitoring. The high sampling frequency guarantees excellect spectral resolution and short latencies in servo control loops. High resolution and superb static and dynamic characteristics make this module equally well suited for general measurements tasks.

AD Converter ADS8556 16 bit resolution, 500 KSPS, 1.26µs conversion time
DA Converter DAC8822 16 bit resolution, 500ns settling time
Analog Inputs 6/3 single-ended / differential
  full-scale range +/-1V to +/-3V programmable (-15V OEM option: +/-1V to +/-12.5V)
  coupling DC
  bandwidth 5 MHz
  input impedance 1M ohms || 25 pF
Analog Outputs 2 single-ended
  full scale range +/-2.5V
  coupling DC
  bandwidth 3 MHz
  output impedance 50 ohms
AD Sampling simultaneous sampling programmable sampling clock: 4 to 500 kHz internal, triggered by DSP timer, or externally supplied conversion start
DA Updates   synchronized to AD sampling, triggered by DSP timer, or transparent mode
AD Calibration software selectable GND (0V), internal reference (fullscale/2), or external calibration input
DSP Interface parallel 16-bit data bus, 16 jumper-selectable base addressess, 2 jumper-selectable chip selects, 2 programmable interrupts
Power Supply digital supply 3.3V, typ 50mA, max. 70mA
  analog supply +/-5V, typ. 150mA, max. 250mA, OEM option: +/-15V supply
Temperature Range   0 – 70°C
Connectors BUS1, BUS2, COM, EXP bottom side: Molex 71436-2164, top side: 71439-0164
  Analog IO two 16-pin double-row connectors, 2.54mm (0.1") pin spacing
Mechanics   86.8 x 58.4 mm, overall height: 15mm, stacked height: 11mm
ROHS   compliant
Ordering Information
D.Module2.ADDA500K16 standard module
D.Module2.ADDA500K16-15V OEM option, +/-15V analog supply, +/-12.5V input range
DS.ADDA500K16 software development package including sample programs