microUniDAQ.BR – mobile measuring device and data logger for DMS sonsors

The microUniDAQ.BR device is a compact, easy-to-use and cost-efficient USB data acquisition device, which has been specially developed for mobile use. It supports all common strain gauge and force sensors as well as sensors with voltage and current output.

High Precision: Measurements are taken in 24-bit quality with a data acquisition rate of up to 128 kS/s.

Quick and easy USB connection: The device is USB bus-powered and does not require an additional power supply.

Overvoltage Protection and Galvanic Isolation: The analog inputs have overvoltage protection up to 40 volts. In addition, these inputs are galvanically isolated from the USB interface and digital I/Os to ensure interference-free, low-noise operation for reliable data acquisition.

Synchronization Capabilities: Connect up to four microUniDAQ devices and seamlessly synchronize them in phase, unlocking expanded possibilities for your data acquisition setup.

Stand-Alone Data Logging: Experience the flexibility of stand-alone operation. The microUniDAQ can operate as a data logger without a PC, recording data from up to four analog channels, tachometer, and rotary encoder interfaces in real-time over extended periods. Power is conveniently supplied via a USB power supply unit or power bank.

Compatibility and Integration: Combine the power of microUniDAQ with DASYLab measurement technology software to execute various measurement tasks efficiently through a user-friendly graphical interface. Additionally, an API allows for direct device access from Python or C programs, providing flexibility and compatibility in both Windows and Linux environments.

Take your data acquisition to the next level with microUniDAQ. A tool that combines precision with versatility. Whether you need to conduct complex measurements or create a seamless data logging experience, microUniDAQ is your reliable partner in the field of high-precision data acquisition.

Application Areas

  • Structural dynamics, material fatigue, road load data
  • Process and control systems, drive engineering
  • Operational safety, condition monitoring
  • HALT/HASS testing
  • Laboratory equipment for education classrooms


  • API for Python and C accesses
  • Driver for DASYLab
  • C/C++ library
  • Graphical visualisation and data storage with Qt application in Python

Key Features

  • Three differential analog inputs for connecting measuring bridges (strain gages or force sensors)
  • One single-ended input for voltage and current measurement
  • Measuring ranges ±12V to ±47mV in steps of 2 and 0..24mA
  • Internal bridge supply and supply voltage for sensors with active electronics
  • Simultaneous sampling, 24-bit resolution, sampling rate 500 Sps to 128 kSps
  • Synchronize up to four microUniDAQ devices
  • TTL inputs and outputs (trigger, tacho and rotary encoder, PWM)
  • USB bus powered

Input Characteristics

Analog Inputs 3 x full bridge strain or force, differential
1 x voltage or current, single-ended
Sampling Simultaneous, 24-bit resolution, 500 S/s to 128 kS/s
Synchronization up to four microUniDAQ devices
Measurement Range Voltage ±12 V to ±47 mV in power of two steps
Current 0 to 24 mA, int. 250 Ω Shunt (AIN4 only)
Bandwidth DC to 0.43 x Sampling Frequency (-3 dB)
Accuracy 0.1% of full-scale in 12 V to 375 mV range
0.15% of full-scale in 188 mV to 47 mV range
including offset, gain and noise errors
Bridge Excitation Internal low noise regulated 2.5 V or 5 VDC, 25 mA per channel
External 0 to 10 VDC, Excitation Sense Lines
Auxiliary Sensor Supply 12 V, 25 mA per channel
Analog Input Connectors RJ45-8pin (Binder 711 8pin optional)
Digital Inputs 3 x TTL (GPIO, Trigger, Tacho, Quadratur Encoder)
Digital Outputs 2 x TTL (GPIO, Trigger, PWM)
Auxiliary Digital Supply 5 V, 50 mA
Digital I/O Connector 9-pin D-sub
Isolation 400 Vpk funktional isolation between
analog inputs, USB, and Digital I/O
Overvoltage Protection Analog Signal Inputs ±42 V
Analog Sense Inputs ±24 V
Digital Inputs -0.5 to 5.5 V
Data Interface USB2.0, DASYLab driver, Python API, C/C++ Library
Operation Modes Data Acquisition Frontend with Hardware (Pre-)Trigger
Data Logger with up to 64 GBytes storage on internal microSD card
Power Supply USB bus-powered, max. 500 mA
Dimensions 114 x108 x40 mm
Operating Conditions 0-50°C ambient temperature, max. 95% humidity
Ordering Information
microUniDAQ.BR Complete device, documentation and free support by phone and email
microUniDAQ.Sync SYNC distribution for up to 4 microUniDAQs
microSD-16GB Industrial microSDHC/SDXC card for microUniDAQ as data logger
microSD-32GB Industrial microSDHC/SDXC card for microUniDAQ as data logger
microSD-64GB Industrial microSDHC/SDXC card for microUniDAQ as data logger