microUniDAQ.IEPE – mobile measuring device and data logger for IEPE sensors

The microUniDAQ.IEPE device is a compact, easy-to-use and cost-efficient USB data acquisition device, which has been specially developed for mobile use. It supports IEPE sensors as well as sensors with voltage output.

High Precision: Measurements are taken in 24-bit quality with a data acquisition rate of up to 128 kS/s.

Quick and easy USB connection: The device is USB bus-powered and does not require an additional power supply.

Overvoltage Protection and Galvanic Isolation: The analog inputs have overvoltage protection up to 40 volts. In addition, these inputs are galvanically isolated from the USB interface and digital I/Os to ensure interference-free, low-noise operation for reliable data acquisition.

Synchronization Capabilities: Connect up to four microUniDAQ devices and seamlessly synchronize them in phase, unlocking expanded possibilities for your data acquisition setup.

Stand-Alone Data Logging: Experience the flexibility of stand-alone operation. The microUniDAQ can operate as a data logger without a PC, recording data from up to four analog channels, tachometer, and rotary encoder interfaces in real-time over extended periods. Power is conveniently supplied via a USB power supply unit or power bank.

Compatibility and Integration: Combine the power of microUniDAQ with DASYLab measurement technology software to execute various measurement tasks efficiently through a user-friendly graphical interface. Additionally, an API allows for direct device access from Python or C programs, providing flexibility and compatibility in both Windows and Linux environments.

Take your data acquisition to the next level with microUniDAQ. A tool that combines precision with versatility. Whether you need to conduct complex measurements or create a seamless data logging experience, microUniDAQ is your reliable partner in the field of high-precision data acquisition.

Application Areas

  • Vibration and modal analysis
  • Acoustic measurements
  • NVH (Noise Vibration Harshness), HALT- (Highly Accelerated Life Testing)
  • Condition monitoring, operational safety


  • API for Python and C accesses
  • Driver for DASYLab
  • C/C++ library
  • Graphical visualisation and data storage with Qt application in Python

Key Features

  • Four analog inputs supporting IEPE senors
  • IEPE supply 2 or 4 mA
  • Measuring ranges 24V, ±12V, (option: ±1.2V)
  • Simultaneous sampling, 24-bit resolution, sampling rate 500 Sps to 128 kSps
  • Overvoltage protection up to 40V, galvanic isolation of USB,
    analog inputs and digital I/O
  • Synchronization up to four microUniDAQ devices
  • TTL inputs and outputs (trigger, tacho and rotary encoder, PWM)
  • USB Bus Powered

Input Characteristics

Analog Inputs 4 x voltage or IEPE, single-ended
Sampling Simultaneous, 24-bit resolution, 500 S/s to 128 kS/s
Synchronization up to four microUniDAQ devices
Measurement Range ±12 V AC, ±12 V DC, +24 V DC
Bandwidth DC to 0.43 x Sampling Frequency (-3 dB)
0.5 Hz to 0.43 x Sampling Frequency (-3 dB) with AC-coupling
SNR 106 dB in 12 V range, 100 dB in 24 V range
IEPE Supply 2 or 4 mA, 24 V compliance
Auxiliary Sensor Supply 12 V, 50 mA
Analog Input Connectors BNC
Digital Inputs 3 x TTL (GPIO, Trigger, Tacho, Quadratur Encoder)
Digital Outputs 2 x TTL (GPIO, Trigger, PWM)
Auxiliary Digital Supply 5 V, 50 mA
Digital I/O Connector 9-pin D-sub
Isolation 400 Vpk funktional isolation between analog inputs, USB, and Digital I/O
Overvoltage Protection Analog Inputs ±42 V
Digital Inputs -0.5 to 5.5 V
Data Interface USB2.0, B and C-type connector,
DASYLab driver, Python API, C/C++ Library
Operation Modes Data Acquisition Frontend with Hardware (Pre-)Trigger
Data Logger with up to 32 GBytes storage on internal micro-SD card
Power Supply USB bus-powered, max. 500 mA on USB-B, max. 800 mA on USB-C
Dimensions 128 x108 x40 mm
Operating Conditions 0-50°C ambient temperature, max. 95% humidity
Ordering Information
microUniDAQ.IEPE Complete device, documentation and free support by phone and email
microUniDAQ.Sync SYNC distribution for up to 4 microUniDAQs
microSD-16GB Industrial microSDHC/SDXC card for microUniDAQ as data logger
microSD-32GB Industrial microSDHC/SDXC card for microUniDAQ as data logger
microSD-64GB Industrial microSDHC/SDXC card for microUniDAQ as data logger