The UniDAQ4.Exp-SD-WiFi expand a UniDAQ4 system with SD-Memory Card and WiFi connectivity.


  • measurement systems in difficult to access locations
  • data logger
  • mobile device connectivity

Key Features

  • WiFi Station and Access Point
  • micro-SD card slot
WIFI Interface 2 Station und Access Point, 2.4GHz Band, 802.11b,g,n, WPA2/WPA3 Personal
SD-Card Slot 1 micro-SD
Connector 1 80-pin, 0.8mm pitch
Mechanics   85 x 40 mm
Temperature Range   0 – 70°C
ROHS   compliant
Supportsoftware D.FAT - Object code library for SD- Cards, with file system, stdio driver and supplemental programs
- Sample programs in C source code
- FAT12/16/32 support
- exFAT for memory cards exceeding 32GB, 4GB max. file size
- C6746 MMCSD interface usage for high performance
- seamless integration into Texas Instruments stdio run-time environment
  DS.TCPIP-UniDAQ4 - Ethernet Support Software for UniDAQ4 with Sample Programs
- Development License for TCP/IP Software
- carefully tailored to DSP requirements
- only the actually used protocols are linked to the application
to save memory resources
- efficient, resource-friendly implementation, no interrupts required
- no Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) required but
compliant with SYS/BIOS
- Socket based API
- FTP and HTTP server
- Remote application program updates and maintenance via FTP
- Supports concurrent servers
- Telnet Server in Source Code for Up- and Downloads
- Modbus protocol
- Selftest program
- Sample communication programs including PC clients in C source code
- User's Guide for TCP/IP Protocol functions
Ordering Information
UniDAQ4.EXP-SD-WiFi UniDAQ4 Extantion board WIFI & SD Interface
UniDAQ4.EXP-SD UniDAQ4 Extantion board SD Interface
D.FAT FAT file system, and free support via phone or e-mail
DS.TCPIP-UniDAQ4 Ethernet Development Support Package for UniDAQ4 and free support via phone or e-mail