Eclipse based Code Composer Studio: Downgrade Compiler Tools

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1 Problem

The CodeComposer Studio update assistant rejects installing old tools, if a new tools version is installed:

    "C6000 Compiler Tools" will be ignored because a newer version is already installed.

Downgrade failed.jpg

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2 Solution

2.1 Uninstall and delete latest compiler

Installation Details.jpg

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Uninstall Old Compiler.jpg

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Warning.png Make sure the just uninstalled compiler is deleted from your tools folder, else the CCS will scan this directory during the next start and add this compiler again to your available compiler tools list.

Delete old CGTFolder.jpg

Restart CCS

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2.2 Install older compiler tools

Select "Install New Software..." or "Install Code Generation Compiler Tools..." depending on what is available in your CCS installation.

CCS Install CGTools.jpg

Choose the older compiler tools you whish to install:

Install old Compiler.jpg

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2.3 Verify installation of older compiler tools

Verify old compiler.jpg

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