Migrating C2000 Projects from CCSv3.3 to CCSv4

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1 Update or install CGTools

Note.png Note: Before importing old projects, the latest CGTools version should be installed and be configured in CCSv4:

Go to “Window->Preferences...”

Hit the button "Add..." and select the tools installation directory. Confirm with "Apply" and "OK".

Ccsv4 select tools.png

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2 Import Legacy CCSv3 Project

2.1 Start Migration Process

To start the migration process, go to “Project->Import Legacy CCSv3.3 Project” to open the Project Migration Wizard.

Import ccsv3 project.png

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2.2 Browse for old project directory

In the following dialog "Browse..." for the old project directory (E:\DSK\F2812\Support_SW_Intel_ccsv4\Example in this case):

Import ccsv3 project 2.png

Warning.png Deselect option "Create a subfolder for each Eclipse project" and press "Next >"

2.3 Finish Import Process

"Finish" the import process:

Import ccsv3 project 3.png

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3 Rebuild All Projects

Press [Alt-B] or select "Rebuild All" from "Project" menu:

Import ccsv3 project rebuild all.png

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4 Additional Links



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