XDS100v3 C6747/OMAP-L137 Connection Problem

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1 Problem

CCSv5.x XDS100v3 C6747/OMAP-L137 Target Configuration Problems

Error Message:

IcePick_C_0: Error connecting to the target: (Error -501 @ 0x0) The built-in scan-path length measurement failed. The built-in scan-path reliability tests cannot be performed without knowledge of the scan-path length. Try specifying the scan-path lengths in the command-line options or board configuration file of this utility or debugger.

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2 Solution

Open CCS Target Configuration, Advanced Tab, Connection Properties:

- change Converter Usage (default: 2-pin advanced) to 4-pin standard

- change Target Pin Width (default: 2 JTAG pins) to 4 JTAG pins

alternative: change Converter Usage to "bypass, mimic XDS100v2"

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3 Additional Tags

XDS100 IcePick

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