DSP-Board D.Module.C6203

Das D.Module.C6203 ist ein universell einsetzbares Fixed-Point DSP System, basierend auf dem Texas Instruments TMS320C6203.

Dieses Prozessorboard wird weiterhin produziert, allerdings nicht für Neuentwicklungen empfohlen. Für neue Projekte empfehlen wir das D.Module2.C6747 oder D.Module2.C6657.

DSP TMS320C6203 300 MHz fixed-point DSP
Memory DSP-internal 512K bytes data and 384K bytes program memory
  SDRAM 16M bytes, 150 MHz operation, 32-bit wide
  Flash 2M bytes NOR
UART 2 transmit and receive Fifo, DMA support, RS232: max 230,4K baud, automatic flow-control, RS422/485: max. 3M baud
McBSP 3 independent receivers and transmitters, max. 75 Mbps throughput
Timer 2 32-bit
Expansion Port 1 16-bit wide, synchronous and asynchronous transfers
GPIO 16/32 bit-wise programmable, input or output, 32 if Expansion Port is not used, XC9572XL user-programmable CPLD
External Bus Interface EMIF asynchronous transfers, 32-bit data bus, 20 address lines, 2 pre-decoded chip selects, configurable timing
System Supervisor   voltage and watchdog
Emulation Interface   JTAG
I/O Level LVTTL / LVCMOS 5V TTL/CMOS tolerant
Power Supply 3.3V single supply, 600mA typ.
Firmware D.Module.BIOS bootloader, board initialization, board configuration, flash memory programming, UART I/O
  Setup Utility program and data file uploads to the flash memory via UART
Temperature Range   0 – 70°C
Connectors   2,54mm pitch through-hole connectors
  JTAG 14-pin, 2.54mm pitch
Mechanics   85 x 59 mm, overall height: 15mm
ROHS   compliant
D.Module.C6023-300-D0 standard module