The D.Module.C6203 is a universal fixed-point DSP system, based on the Texas Instruments TMS320C6203 processor.

This is a legacy product, which is still in full production, however, not recommended for new designs. Please consider the D.Module2.C6747 or D.Module2.C6657.

DSP TMS320C6203 300 MHz fixed-point DSP
Memory DSP-internal 512K bytes data and 384K bytes program memory
  SDRAM 16M bytes, 150 MHz operation, 32-bit wide
  Flash 2M bytes NOR
UART 2 transmit and receive Fifo, DMA support, RS232: max 230,4K baud, automatic flow-control, RS422/485: max. 3M baud
McBSP 3 independent receivers and transmitters, max. 75 Mbps throughput
Timer 2 32-bit
Expansion Port 1 16-bit wide, synchronous and asynchronous transfers
GPIO 16/32 bit-wise programmable, input or output, 32 if Expansion Port is not used, XC9572XL user-programmable CPLD
External Bus Interface EMIF asynchronous transfers, 32-bit data bus, 20 address lines, 2 pre-decoded chip selects, configurable timing
System Supervisor   voltage and watchdog
Emulation Interface   JTAG
I/O Level LVTTL / LVCMOS 5V TTL/CMOS tolerant
Power Supply 3.3V single supply, 600mA typ.
Firmware D.Module.BIOS bootloader, board initialization, board configuration, flash memory programming, UART I/O
  Setup Utility program and data file uploads to the flash memory via UART
Temperature Range   0 – 70°C
Connectors   2,54mm pitch through-hole connectors
  JTAG 14-pin, 2.54mm pitch
Mechanics   85 x 59 mm, overall height: 15mm
ROHS   compliant
Ordering Information
D.Module.C6023-300-D0 standard module