DSP Computer Board, based on the high performance Analog Devices ADSP-TS203 floating point processor.

This board is no longer in production since Analog Devices has discontinued the ADSP-TS20x processor family. For new projects we recommend the D.Module2.C6657

DSP ADSP-TS203 500 MHz, 32/40-bit floating-point, 8/16/32/64-bit fixed-point, 3GFLOPS
Memory DSP-internal 512K bytes
  DRAM 64M bytes SDRAM, 125 MHz operation, 32-bit wide
  Flash 8M bytes NOR
USB 2.0 480 Mbit/s
UART RS232, RS422, RS485 transmit and receive Fifo, DMA support, automatic hardware- and software flow control. Port 1: RS232, max 230,4K baud, Port 2: RS422/485: max. 3M baud
Timer 2 32-bit
GPIO 16 bit-wise programmable, input or output
External Bus Interface 32-bit 32-bit data bus, 20 address lines, programmable timing, synchronous and asynchronous transfers up to 500M bytes/s
Link Ports 2 LVDS high-speed links for multiprocessor clusters or FPGA interface, total throughput up to 1 Gbyte/s
System Supervisor   watchdog, voltage supervisor
Emulation Interface   JTAG
I/O Level LVTTL / LVCMOS all signals except Link Ports: high level min. 2V, max. 3.5V, low level min. -0.2V, max. 0.8V, output drive: external bus interface:± 24 mA, all others ± 8 mA
Power Supply 3.3V single supply
Firmware D.Module2.BIOS bootloader, board initialization, board configuration, flash memory programming, UART and USB I/O
  Setup Utility program and data file uploads to the flash memory via USB or UART
  Config File user- configurable text file with program and initialization parameters
Temperature Range   0 – 70°C
Connectors BUS1, BUS2, COM, EXP Molex 71436-2164
  JTAG 14-pin, 2.54mm pitch
Mechanics   86.8 x 58.4 mm, overall height including heatsink: 22.5mm
ROHS   compliant
Ordering Information
D.Module2.TS203 standard module
D.Module2.TS201 option: ADSP-TS201 processor
DK.TS203 TS203 development kit including D.Module2.TS203, JTAG in-circuit emulator, D.Base1 base board, power supply, RS232 and USB cable, support software, user's guide, and free support via Email or phone