Peripheral Daughter Boards for Data Acquisition and Preprocessing

D.Module peripheral boards expand the functionality of D.Module DSP boards with data acquisition and preprocessing as well as adding supplemental interfaces.

Utilization in the D.Module DSP System

The standardised D.Module architecture, mechanics and pinout enables the realisation of a complete processing chain by stacking the require boards.

FPGA-based Data Preprocessing and Interface Expansion


The D.Module2 architecture supports the insertion of the FPGA daughter board between a data acquisition frontend and a DSP board for preprocessing. Likewise this Spartan-6 based board can be used to provide additional interfaces or even operate as a stand-alone system. Combined with the D2.Base-FMC base board, the D.Module2.6SLX45T forms a complete solution which can be used with high-speed data acquisition mezzanine cards conforming with the Vita 57 FMC standard.

  • Spartan 6 FPGA extension board
  • high-speed parallel DSP interface
  • PCIe, JESD204
  • 98 User-I/Os

Key features:

  • 128 MByte DDR3 memory
  • 8 MBytes SPI configuration memory
  • 4 Gigabit Transceiver
  • user IOs: 98 single-ended / 48 LVDS
  • programmable clock synthesizer
  • programmable IO-voltage
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Data Acquisition and Signal Generation


A 6-channel analog-to-digital converter with 16-bit resolution and sampling rates up to 500Ksps, combined with a two-channel 16-bit digital-to-analog converter, form a versatile frontend for general data acquisition, power-line monitoring and control loops.

  • Simultaneous Sampling up to 500kS/s
  • 6 single-ended / 3 differential inputs
  • 2 outputs
  • 16-bit resolution

Key features:

  • ADS8556 A/D converter, 16-bit resolution
  • DAC8822 D/A converter, 16-bit resolution
  • 6 inputs, simultaneously sampled, programmable +/-1 to +/-3V (optional +/-12.5V) input range
  • 2 outputs , +/- 2.5V
  • Sampling clock internally programmable 4-500kSps, or externally supplied, 0 to 500kHz
  • DSP-Interface: 16-bit parallel
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A two-channel A/D and D/A converter with 12-bit resolution and up to 8Msps sampling. Typically used in piezo drive controllers and IF sub-sampling in radio applications.

  • simultaneous sampling up to 8MS/s
  • 2 inputs, 2 outputs
  • 12-bit resolution

Key features:

  • two THS12082 A/D converters, 12-bit resolution
  • two DAC7821 D/A converters, 12-bit resolution
  • 2 inputs, simultaneous sampling, +/-1V, 30MHz bandwidth
  • 2 outputs, +/-1V
  • sampling rate internal 1,2,4,8Msps programmable, or externally supplied 0-8MHz clock
  • DSP-Interface: 32-bit parallel
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Legacy Products

The following boards are still available ex-stock. For new designs however, the use of one of the D.Module2 boards described above is recommended.


16 multiplexed inputs with 12-bit resolution and 1MSps total.
4 outputs, 12-bit resolution.
To connect to D.Module2 boards use adapter SON.DM2-DM.

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4 inputs, 16-bit, 250ksps, simultaneous sampling
4 outputs, 16-bit
To connect to D.Module2 boards use adapter SON.DM2-DM.

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6 inputs, 16 bit, simultaneous sampling, 200ksps, delta-sigma ADC
To connect to D.Module2 boards use adapter SON.DM2-DM.

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8-channel audio codec, 16-bit, up to 50ksps
To connect to D.Module2 boards use adapter SON.DM2-DM.

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Ethernet daughter board for D.Module DSP-Boards without onboard Ethernet.

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USB2.0 daughter board for D.Module DSP-Boards without onboard USB.

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