The D.Module.ADDA8M12 is based on the Texas Instruments data converters AD7490 and DAC7615. The analog front end digitizes up to 16 single-ended voltage inputs with 12-bit resolution and a sampling rate up to 1Msps. The four DAC outputs also deliver 12-bit resolution.

This is a legacy product, which is still in full production, however, not recommended for new designs. Please consider the D.Module2.ADDA500K16.

AD Converter AD7490 12 bit resolution, 1 MSPS, 16 multiplexed channels
DA Converter DAC7615 12 bit resolution, 1us settling time, 4 channels
Analog Inputs 16 single-ended
  full-scale range +/-10V
  coupling DC
  input impedance 1M ohms
Analog Outputs 4 single-ended
  full scale range +/-10V
  coupling DC
  Filter 2nd order Butterworth
AD Sampling multiplexed sampling programmable sampling clock up to 1MSPS
DSP Interface ADC serial, 1Rx, 1Tx
  DAC serial, 1Tx
Power Supply digital supply 3.3V, 10mA
  analog supply +/-15V, 80mA
Temperature Range   0 – 70°C
Mechanics   85 x 59 mm, overall height: 15mm
ROHS   compliant
Ordering Information
D.Module.ADDA12Mux-16-4-V10 standard module