C6747 DSP + XDS510USB

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1 Preparation

  1. Install CCS 3.3
  2. Install SpectrumDigital Emulator Driver

Driver (external link):


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2 Code Composer 3.3 Setup

2.1 Create Board

  1. select XDS510pp c6747 2.png
  2. choose SD510 Emulator
  3. add the emulator to System Configuration on the left side
    XDS510usb c6747 1.png
  4. in the new opened "Connection Properties" window type in a board name and press "next"
  5. select your emulators address (default 0x510) and press "finish"

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2.2 Add IcePick Router

  1. add the ICEPICK_C router to your system configuration
    XDS510usb c6747 2.png
  2. in the new opened "Router Properties" window name the router as you like and
  3. select the number of subpaths. in case of the L137 choose 3 subpaths
  4. in the next pane no input is needed, press next
  5. the number of subpath properties depends on the selected subpaths on the first pane:
    XDS510pp c6747 4.png
  6. change path name and value as shown in the picture and press finish

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2.3 Add Processor

  1. add processor XDS510usb c6747 3.png from the center window to path17 on the left window
    XDS510usb c6747 4.png
  2. in the new opened window enter a custom processor name, e.g. C6747, and a suitable GEL file and press OK

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2.4 Final System Configuration

XDS510usb c6747 5.png
press "Save & Quit"

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3 Code Composer 4.x Setup

3.1 New Target Configuration

  1. select: "target" - "New Target Configuration"
  2. enter custom filename, e.g.: D.Module2.C6747.ccxml

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3.2 Basic settings

  1. the file you entered under "New Target Configuration" is opened
  2. select under "Connection" XDS510usb c6747 6.png
  3. under "Device" enter filter text "C67" and select device XDS510pp c6747 9.png
  4. press save
  5. the resulting configuration should look like:
    XDS510usb c6747 7.png

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4 Additional Tags

SpectrumDigital, TexasInstruments, Parallel Port, C674x, C6400+, C6400plus

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