CCS4 C6713 Debug Target Connection

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1 Problem

When creating a new Target Connection the TMS320C6713 does not appear in the device list, only a DSK6713 is displayed.

2 Solution

The TMS320C6713 must be added manually:

  1. select "New Target Connection" from menue "Target"
  2. enter a name and select the destination of the ccxml file
  3. select your emulator hardware from "General" - "Connection"
  4. do not select a device in "General" - "Device"
  5. click the link "Target Configuration" in "Advanced"
  6. select your emulator in "All Connections"
  7. click the "Add" Button
  8. a new window will open, select the "CPU" tab
  9. select the "C671x" and click "Finish"
  10. back in "Advanced" select the initialization script (GEL-file)
  11. Save the configuration

3 Additional Tags

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