DSK6416 CCS3.0 Installation under Windows 7

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1 Problem

CodeComposer Studio v3.0 and DSK6416 setup are incompatible with Windows 7

How to install and setup DSK6416 CodeComposer Studio under Windows 7

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2 Solution

This guide assumes a clean Windows 7 and no pre-installed or broken CodeComposer Studio, CGTools or SpectrumDigital emulator installations. If one of these programs is already installed or a previous installation failed, please try to de-install and remove it.

Warning.png Don't plug your USB connector before issue 2.3 Emulator Driver Installation!

2.1 CodeComposer v3.0 Installation

First of all login as Administrator and copy the entire DSK6416 CD content to a local directory of your choice.

DSK6416 directory.jpg

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Warning.png For proper installation DON'T use program launch.exe from the CD root.

Open Explorer window and change to the copied CD direcetory. Change to subdirectory "ccs" and look for file setup.exe. Right mouse-click on file setup.exe and choose "Properties"

DSK6416 install ccs 1.jpg

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Select pane "Compatibility" and activate "Run this program in compatibility mode for:". Select "Windows XP (Service Pack 3)" in the list-box

DSK6416 install ccs 2.jpg

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Close this box and right click again on file setup.exe. This time choose "Run as administrator" to execute this program:

DSK6416 install ccs 3.jpg

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The installation starts, press next:

DSK6416 install ccs 4.jpg

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The installer checks the system requirements, press next:

DSK6416 install ccs 5.jpg

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Accept the license agreement, press next:

DSK6416 install ccs 6.jpg

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Now choose the "Custom Install":

DSK6416 install ccs 7.jpg

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In the next window deactivate the "Host PCI Driver" and click next. This driver will not work under Windows 7.

DSK6416 install ccs 8.jpg

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Start the installation by pressing "Install now"

DSK6416 install ccs 9.jpg

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DSK6416 install ccs 10.jpg

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After a while an error should occur that service 'drpkiont' failed to start. Press "Ignore"

DSK6416 install ccs 11.jpg

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Same for error 'XDSFast1_ISA_Bus_Driver'

DSK6416 install ccs 12.jpg

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Finally the CCS Installation successful screen should appear, click "Finish"

DSK6416 install ccs 13.jpg

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2.2 Emulator Installation

The DSK included emulator driver is incompatible with Windows 7. You need to download the new driver from SpectrumDigitals hompage here:

Latest Emulation Drivers: http://support.spectrumdigital.com/ccs33/

Extract file setupCCSPlatinum_v30330.exe from the downloaded zip archiv to a temporary folder on your local harddrive. Right click on this file and "Run as administrator". The following window should appear:

DSK6416 install emu 1.jpg

Warning.png DON'T try to "Modify" or "Repair" the installation

DON'T try to "Modify" or "Repair" the installation. This Setup program expects the previous installation under a different path. So first select "Remove"

DSK6416 install emu 2.jpg

Press "OK"

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After the de-install is complete, restart the installer again with "Run as administrator"

DSK6416 install emu 3.jpg

Press next

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DSK6416 install emu 4.jpg

Accept the license agreement, press Yes

In the following window it is important to choose the setup type "Custom"

DSK6416 install emu 5.jpg

Now change the default installation folder C:\CCStudio_v3.3 to the destination folder the previous CodeComposer installation was copied to (in this example C:\CCStudio for CCS 3.0 or C:\CCStudio_v3.1 for CCS v3.1)

DSK6416 install emu 6.jpg

DSK6416 install emu 7.jpg

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In the next dialog make sure the C6000 Drivers are activated

DSK6416 install emu 8.jpg

press next

DSK6416 install emu 9.jpg

Installation is finished

DSK6416 install emu 10.jpg

Note.png Note: Please restart your system.

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2.3 Emulator Driver Installation

After restart plug your USB cable to the DSK and open the device manager

The DSK appears under "Other devices". Choose "Properties"

DSK6416 install emu 11.jpg

Select "Update Driver"

DSK6416 install emu 12.jpg

DSK6416 install emu 13.jpg

Browse your computer for the new driver. The new driver should be under


If you have CCS 3.1 installed the directory is


Select this directory

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DSK6416 install emu 14.jpg

Press install

DSK6416 install emu 15.jpg

The driver should now be installed correctly

DSK6416 install emu 16.jpg

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2.4 CodeComposer Setup

Call CodeComposer Setup from desktop

DSK6416 setup ccs 1.jpg

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Choose File - Import

DSK6416 setup ccs 2.jpg

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Press Advanced>>

DSK6416 setup ccs 3.jpg

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Browse for import file.

DSK6416 setup ccs 4.jpg

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choose file c6416dsk_11.ccs from your original DSK CD

DSK6416 setup ccs 5 1.jpg

DSK6416 setup ccs 5.jpg

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The setup is now complete. Save configuration and start CodeComposer Studio.

DSK6416 setup ccs 6.jpg

To run the CodeComposer Studio 3.x administrator rights are necessary. Either login as Administrator or run the program cc_app.exe as administrator.

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2.5 Program Compatibility Assistant

After closing the CCS for the first time the Program Compatibility Assistant warns you that a program may not have been installed correctly. Choose "This program installed correctly" to avoid this message next time.

DSK6416 install finish.jpg

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