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1 'File' - 'Import'

To import an old CCS project to CCS4/CCS5 choose 'File' - 'Import' from CCS menu.

1.1 Legacy CCSv3.3 Projects

In the 'Import' dialog select 'Legacy CCSv3.3 Projects' and click 'Next >'


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1.2 Select Legacy Project

In the following dialog browse for the import directory

Warning.png Deselect option "Create a subfolder for each Eclipse project"


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1.3 Select Compiler

Select compiler tools and press 'Next >'


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1.4 Enable DSP/BIOS Tools

Choose 'Automatically determine DSP/BIOS support' and click 'Next >' CCS5DSPBIOSTools.png

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1.5 Advanced Option: Common root

De-activate 'Use a common root for all migrated projects' and press 'Finish' CCS5commonroot.png

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2 Additional steps that may be required

2.1 Build project

Try to build the project:

Import ccsv3 project build.png

If CSL is not installed properly, warnings may occur:

Import ccsv3 project warning.png

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2.2 Eliminate unresolved path or CSL-variable warnings

Press [Alt-Enter] to open properties dialog for the current project. Select "Build -> C6000 Compiler -> Include Options" and delete "${C6000_CSL_CG_ROOT}/include" and "../csl/include" (C6000 may vary depending on used DSP family):

Import ccsv3 project property1.png

Select "Build -> C6000 Linker -> File Search Path" and delete "${C6000_CSL_CG_ROOT}/lib" (C6000 may vary depending on used DSP family):

Import ccsv3 project property2.png

The project should compile now without warnings.

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2.3 Check Memory Model

Depending on target DSP and age of the project file the importer is not able to recognize the correct memory model. Check the memory model under "Processor Options" and choose memory model "large" if this option is missing.

Import ccsv3 project mem model.png

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3 Additional Tags

Migrating old projects

CCS4 open old CCS3 DSP/BIOS project

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