Install C3x CodeComposer + XDS510USB under Windows 7

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1 Problem

VC33 CodeComposer and emulator setup are incompatible with Windows 7

How to install and setup VC33 CodeComposer and XDS510USB under Windows 7

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2 Solution

  1. Login as administrator
  2. "run as administrator" ccs\setup.exe (setup.exe from subdirectory \ccs; standard setup.exe from root or autostart won't work)
  3. ignore known compatibility problems with Visual Studio and Windows 7
  4. install program
  5. restart computer
  6. login as administrator
  7. install CC Service Pack 2 ("run as administrator")
  8. restart computer
  9. login as administrator
  10. The following steps are required to install a compatible Windows driver for the XDS510USB emulator. The XDS510USB drivers for Code Composer 3x/4x cannot be installed on Windows-7
    • load and unpack from SpectrumDigital homepage
    • "run as administrator" SetupCCSPlatinum_V30330.exe
    • choose custom installation
    • installation path must be the same as the CC 3x installation directory (default c:\tic3x4x )
    • connect XDS510USB emulator to a USB port on your PC
    • choose manual driver installation, USB driver is located in c:\tic3x4x\specdig\xds510_win64
  11. "run as administrator" c:\tic3x4x\specdig\sdconfig\SdConfig.exe
  12. click the red 'R' in the toolbar for emulator reset. The emulator should now be enumerated (small enumeration window on the bottom right corner occurrs) and be reset
  13. Since the C3x/4x driver installation is incompatible with Windows-7, two files must be copied manually from an existing CC C3x/4x installation:
    • copy sdgovc3xusb.drv to directory c:\tic3x4x\drivers
    • copy vc33_xds510usb.ccs to directory c:\tic3x4x\drivers\import
  14. "run as administrator" c:\tic3x4x\cc\bin\cc_setup.exe
  15. import vc33_xds510usb.ccs, quit and save
  16. "run as administrator" c:\tic3x4x\cc\bin\cc_app.exe

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