Setup Utility crashes if watchdog is enabled

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1 Problem

There is a design flaw in the Setup Utility program: after entering the "u" (upload) or "d" (download) command, you are prompted to specify the data/file type. For example after entering the "u", the module responds with

upload <I>ntel-Hex, <C>onfig, <A>SCII or <H>exBin file [i|c|a|h] ?

Watchdog triggers are missing in the Setup Utility program while waiting for this input. You must enter the desired key within one second, otherwise the watchdog will timeout and reset the module. The same applies to the download command. The module responds with

download <I>ntel-Hex, <C>onfig or <A>SCII file [i|c|a] ?

Again you have to enter your choice within one second.

If the module is reset it bootloads the application program as specified in the config file (load=... or run=...), or, if there is no corresponding entry in the config file, the module will bootload the program at Flash address 0x10000. If no program is stored at this address it will look as if the Setup Utility is stuck.

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2 Solution

After entering the "u" or "d" command enter your choice within one second. If this is not acceptable please upload the Setup Patch:

  1. Start Setup-Utility
  2. press "!"
  3. press "y"
  4. upload file setup.hex extracted from

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