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1 Problem

CCS4 projects store absolute paths. Moving a project to a different directory or another computer is not possible.

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2 Solution

This example assumes the following directory structure:

    +--- dmodule (D.Module specific headers and linker command files)
    +--- common (libs, headers, etc)
    +--- utils 
    +--- myprojects
    |        |
    |        +--- current_project (source files)

  • create a file macros.ini in the project directory (current_project in the above example). This file must contain an entry EXT_ROOT__current_project = ../../
    EXT_ROOT__current_project now points to the project base directory (CCS_projects in the above example). To give highest compatibility even for later CCS releases, this macro should always start with a leading EXT_ROOT__ and end with the trailing project name.
  • make sure all source files include header files with a relative path, or add the include path in the project settings:
 #include "../../dmodule/dm2c6747.h"

or, if the base directory CCS_projects is added to the project include options:

 #include <dmodule/dm2c6747.h>
  • edit the .project file in the project directory (current_project in the above example) and replace the absolute paths with the EXT_ROOT__current_project macro. Replace the <location> tag


  • Use ${EXT_ROOT__current_project} in the Build Properties to add include paths and/or call programs for post-build steps:
 Build Properties - Tool Settings - C6000 Compiler - Include Options = ${EXT_ROOT__current_project}
 ${EXT_ROOT__current_project}/utils/makehex ${BuildArtifactFileBaseName}

3 Additional Tags


Migrating old projects

CCS4 open old CCS3 DSP/BIOS project

Import old CCS project

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